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Projects You Can Complete with an Electric Drain Snake

An electric drain snake, also known as a motorized drain auger, is a versatile tool commonly used for clearing blockages in pipes and drains. This device is a staple in both professional and DIY plumbing arsenals. In this blog post, we will discuss various projects where an electric drain snake can prove indispensable.
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Unclogging Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks are prone to clogs due to food particles, grease, and soap scum. An electric drain snake can efficiently dislodge these blockages. The motorized action allows for greater force and reach, ensuring that even stubborn clogs are removed.
  1. Remove any standing water from the sink.
  2. Insert the drain snake cable into the drain opening.
  3. Turn on the electric motor and guide the cable through the pipe.
  4. Retrieve the cable, pulling out the clog.


Clearing Bathtub and Shower Drains

Hair and soap residues often accumulate in bathtub and shower drains, causing slow drainage. An electric drain snake can navigate the bends and curves of these plumbing fixtures to remove the obstruction.
  1. Remove the drain cover.
  2. Insert the cable into the drain.
  3. Activate the motor and advance the cable.
  4. Withdraw the cable, taking the blockage with it.

A Milwaukee Drain Snake

Toilet Clogs

For toilets clogged beyond what a plunger can handle, an electric drain snake can be an effective solution. It is capable of breaking down foreign objects and waste, providing a clear passage for water flow.
  1. Position the cable at the mouth of the toilet bowl.
  2. Turn on the electric motor.
  3. Push the cable deeper until the clog is reached and dislodged.
  4. Retrieve the cable and flush the toilet to ensure the blockage is completely removed.

Sewer Line Maintenance

For more complex issues such as tree root intrusion in outdoor sewer lines, an electric drain snake offers the capability to tackle these challenges. Its longer reach and stronger motor make it suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  1. Locate the sewer clean-out port and remove the cap.
  2. Insert the electric drain snake cable.
  3. Activate the motor and guide the cable towards the blockage.
  4. Once the blockage is reached, maneuver the cable to break it apart.
  5. Retrieve the cable and run water through the line to confirm the obstruction is cleared.

A stock photo of the Dewalt drain snake


An electric drain snake is a powerful tool for various plumbing projects, from unclogging sinks and bathtubs to maintaining sewer lines. With its motorized capabilities, it offers an effective and efficient way to tackle stubborn blockages in residential and commercial settings. Investing in this tool can save both time and money by enabling quick and effective problem-solving for plumbing issues. Don't forget to stop by Bath Industrial Sales at 56 New Meadows Road in West Bath, Maine and pickup yours today!
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