A History of Tajima Tool Group

A History of Tajima Tool Group

Tajima Tool Group, a renowned name in the hand tool industry, has a distinguished history that dates back to 1909. Founded as Tajima Tool Corporation, part of TJM DESIGN CORPORATION, it began as a manufacturer of steel tape rules. Over the years, it has grown into Japan's leading hand tool manufacturer, known for its high-quality, professional-grade tools.

The journey of Tajima Tool Group started with a commitment to creating reliable and durable steel tape rules. This initial focus on quality and durability set the foundation for the company's long-standing reputation. Over time, Tajima expanded its product range to include a wide variety of professional tools, catering to the diverse needs of professionals across various industries. This expansion was driven by their pursuit of excellence in design, material selection, and production processes.

Tajima Tool Group is particularly known for its innovative products. A notable example is their Chalk-Rite line of marking chalk, which revolutionized professional line marking with its precision and efficiency. These tools became indispensable for layout and construction work due to their accuracy and ease of use.

In addition to marking tools, Tajima also ventured into producing caulk guns under their Convoy brand. These caulk guns are designed for consistent and smooth application, reducing hand fatigue and ensuring ease of use during lengthy projects. This product line exemplifies Tajima's commitment to addressing the practical needs of professionals in various fields.

The company's range of measuring tapes is another highlight, renowned for their accuracy and durability. These tapes, crafted from top-grade materials, are essential for professionals requiring precise measurements. Tajima's catalog also includes a wide array of layout tools like square layout tools, angle finders, and marking knives, facilitating precise and accurate work.

Furthermore, Tajima offers a range of high-quality drywall tools, such as taping knives and drywall saws, designed for easy installation and flawless finishes. Their utility knives, scrapers, pull stroke saws, and LED lights are also notable for their quality and functionality, enhancing the efficiency and safety of various professional tasks.

Through over a century of operation, Tajima Tool Group has maintained its status as a leader in the hand tool industry. Its commitment to excellence and innovation, from its origins with steel tape rules to its comprehensive and high-quality product lineup, has solidified its position as a trusted and respected name in professional tool manufacturing

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